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The Wholesome Model of Being

Fin treats your body and mind as a whole rather than distinct entities. It’s challenging and sometimes confronting but real change doesn’t come from a place of comfort.  It’s like learning a new language for your body and mind and breaking through old patterns of movement and thought.

– Fiacre Mulhall

The Wholesome Model of Being

Fins program has given me the tools to firstly make time for myself to learn about myself, learn about my body and its capabilities, be honest with my feelings, be present in each moment and live each day within your values. My body is opening up after years of bad posture and loss of flexibility. I am so thankful for finding Fin and doing this program and can’t wait to learn more.

-Laura Robertson

“For the last year or so, I saw numerous physical therapists that didn’t seem to really understand the views of individual’s like myself who love to train with weights with a very high frequency (daily) while still pushing the limits (safely) and making sustainable progress. The typical responses I got were all very dismissive and unpractical (just rest) from people who only treated the site of pain with whatever modality they conformed to (osteo, chiro, physio, etc) with very little emphasis on follow up or movement re training. I kept getting the same injuries and niggles and thought that I just needed to see someone every week because I was training hard and that is what it took to keep up the effort. I refused to settle for this answer and after doing a lot of research into movement, neurodevelopment, pain science and many other rabbit holes, I finally found someone who seemed to understand the human body incredibly well and who looked at all aspects, not just the site of my pain.

This is when I scoped out Fin and noticed he had completed some very interesting courses that lined up with very similar beliefs to what I was thinking. This unique and fantastic way of looking at movement is what made me get in touch and I can honestly say that it was the greatest investment I have made. His approach is exactly what a client-practitioner relationship should be, he actually cares about you and WANTS you to get better, not just be a repeat client coming in every week for a “touch up”. The greatest thing about the entire experience is the homework that is prescribed to keep the changes that were created within the session. These exercises are sent to you with thorough descriptions and videos so you always have access to the little tweaks that we all forget.

I have only been working with Fin for around 2 months (where we have completed 3 sessions only) and my body has never felt better. He has literally reprogrammed the way my joints interact and the changes actually stick. I have more energy, I feel less inflamed, I am holding onto less water because my joints are stacking up the way they should and I am still training daily with more load and better movement quality. We still have a little bit of work left to do but I am loving the process and learning so much at the same time.

Treatment is not about getting a little massage and being poked to death on “trigger points”. If you are still being treated for the same issue and it has been over 6 months, you are being ripped off. If you want to actually get better at moving, which will get you out of pain along with numerous other benefits, you need to see someone like Fin who looks at the entire picture. From my understanding, there is no one like him in Perth and I cannot recommend him enough.”


Movement Coach

After a very long journey of trying to heal both chronic mental and physical illnesses, using many different modalities both traditional and nontraditional, Fin and his program was the missing piece of the puzzle that has finally pushed me over the line where for the first time in a very long time I feel mostly “well”. His beautiful authentic healthy masculine energy is a pleasure to be around.
- Candice
I came into Fin's program looking mainly to improve my mindful movement practise. I have certainly made progress in this but have also gained so much more in terms of lifestyle, mindset and overall wellbeing. I'm starting to look forward now and have already achieved some goals I've had for years. I fully recommend Fin if you are ready for a positive change in your life as he can help you to achieve this.
- Lea
"Working with Fin is unlike any of the Physiotherapists and Chiropractors I had seen previously. From the exercise shown in my consultation and the videos to take away my workouts flew by, and I was learning about myself - my strengths and weaknesses - from being mindful. The best thing about working with Fin is that he teaches simple, effective, cool movements that can be done anytime, anywhere, and for a lifetime free from pain.
- Kris
Earlier this year I decided to pursue a long time and dream of returning to martial arts. Given I am now 55 with it being 36 years since I had practised martial arts my dream was a big ask to say the least. After several intense consultations with him I started to gain some flexibility back. He then set me an exercise program to do daily at home. The exercises which are tailor made for my body are a combination of stretching and resistance work using only my own body weight. Now only a few months after first seeing Fin I am back at martial arts.
- Peter
Commercial Banker
"I would like to really thank you to put me back in order , so I can really appreciate life as I used to. My shoulder pain (I have for more than tree years now) has been reducing dramatically and I finally I can sleep comfortable again. Incredible is the only world to described your treatment and "coaching", as what I have learning about my body since I start see you have been transforming my way of thinking about "exercise"
- Marcelo

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