my story

Hey there, my name is Fin.

I am a father to two beautiful girls & I am a Movement & Lifestyle Coach based in Perth, WA.

My Vision is to see people coming back to their true essence by re-connecting with self and immersing in nature.

I guide others to tune into their bodies and reconnect with their innate wisdom through Movement, Breathwork & Natural Living Practices.

Starting off with a BSc in Sports & Exercise Rehabilitation in 2009, I soon realised that there was a lot more to working with the human body than the differential diagnosis, physiology and  anatomy that I learned in Uni. I sustained an injury that was stopping me from doing what I loved – running. All the therapists I saw at the time either prescribed orthotics, rest or possibly surgery however  knew that there was a lot more that I could do myself if I looked at the big picture. With only a few months of self massage, movement exploration, mobility, strength training I was back running and even competed in my first half marathon and sprint triathlons.

Roll on another 10 years and I have continued to use my body as a guide, continued to develop my skills, improve my knowledge and EXPLORE my potential; working out all aspects of movement, bodyweight strength training, nutrition, lifestyle, spirituality and overall well-being.

Personally, I am on a never-ending journey working with the human body and am always a student of life.  I am very excited to see where this journey brings me and the people that I can empower along the way.

If you too want to dig deep with your body and gain a better understanding of yourself to unlock your true potential, then I am here to help…

Yours in Health & Happiness

Fin McKenna-Fox

A Wholesome & Sustainable Model Of Being

Through My Wholesome Triskelion I Guide & Entrust Wisdom In You To Cutivate REAL, Lasting Change…

I Believe That We Are All A Living Ecosystem In Ourselves, And So Too Is A Business..

An ecosystem is a community of living organisms in conjunction with the non-living components of their environment interacting as a system. 

Through the Wholesome & Sustainable Model Of Being we look at individuals (or a business) as an ecosystem where its fundamental process coexist together in a Triskele around its main values & purpose.

The 4 Key Components of an Ecosystem...

Water Cycle

Our Values & Purpose Is The Centre To All, As They Flow Through All Aspects Of Our Being

NutRient Cycle

How We Choose To Nourish Ourselves Through Our Food, Mindfulness, & Recovery

Energy Flow

How We Create A Mindful Movement Practice & A Deeper Connection Within Our Environments

The Community

How We Care For Ourselves, Our Relationships & Create A Work:Life Balance

My expertise

Movement Coaching

In-person mobility & movement coaching to teach you how to move your body strong & free.

INJURY Mitigation

Teaching you about body awareness and how to communicate fully with your body.

Lifestyle Coaching

Looking at the big picture of a wholesome life, through nutrition principles & stress reduction.

Nature Deficit Disorder

Connecting you with the healing power of nature and incorporating it into you & your families lives.

Corporate Wellness

The new paradigm of Corporate Wellness looks at the big picture of physical, mental & emotional health.

Workshops & Retreats

Creating a learning environment for you to reconnect with your inner wisdom.

online courses

Programs to help you tune into your body and connect deeper with a more wholesome self.

Membership Site

Incorporating online movement classes, courses & webinars on the Complete Body Approach.

What Clients Say

"...This unique and fantastic way of looking at movement is what made me get in touch and I can honestly say that it was the greatest investment I have made..."
Movement Coach
"...I am stronger now than I was pre-injury, but the best thing about working with Fin is that he teaches simple, effective, cool movements that can be done anytime, anywhere, and for a lifetime free from pain..."
Father & Engineer
"...My daily regime is enjoyable, doesn’t take long, and I can see visible improvement in both my range of movement and muscle mass in a relatively short period of time..."
Father & Investor
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