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“My Vision is to see people coming back to their true essence by re-connecting with self and immersing in nature.
I guide others to tune into their bodies and reconnect with their innate wisdom through Movement, Breathwork & Natural Living Practices.”


Connect deeper with your internal strength and power through Movement, Breathwork & Ice Immersion.

Dec. 7th @11am, Aspire Osborne Park

Nature Connection

Immerse yourself in Nature, receive guidance through Mindful Movement & Connect with Community.

Next Date Launching SOON!

Create Your Own Unique Experience

Let’s create your own magical experience tailored to your specific needs for corporate and/or community.

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Fin McKenna-Fox
Movement & Lifestyle Coach

I am a Wholesome & Sustainable Model of Being, and through this model I guide and entrust you to cultivate REAL, lasting change in all areas of your life…

Being a father of two amazing girls, I see the importance of showing up as my best self in every aspect of my life. 

  • How I show up for my own mental & emotional wellbeing.
  • How I show up with my movement practice.
  • How I show up in relationships with those around me… 

I am here to help guide you to do the same.

Peace & Love, 



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