Corporate Services
Functional Analysis

Looking at Ergonomics from a functional & educational model to empower employees and help them incorporate more movement into their day.

Environmental Analysis

Individuals spend more time at work compared to anywhere else, so by assessing the environmental factors that link to productivity, health & happiness we can create real change to employee wellness.

Workshops & Immersions

The new paradigm of Corporate Wellness looks at the big picture of physical, mental & emotional health. We create workshops for your employees to improve team building, and educate on health & vitality.

Wellness Programs

Create your own 8 or 12 week Health & Wellness Program tailored to the specific needs of you & your employees.

Wholesome & Sustainable Model of Being

Through My Wholesome Triskelion I Guide & Entrust Wisdom In You To Cutivate REAL, Lasting change...
I believe that we are all a living ecosystem in ourselves, and so too is a business...

An ecosystem is a community of living organisms in conjunction with the non-living components of their environment interacting as a system. 

Through the Wholesome & Sustainable Model Of Being we look at individuals (or a business) as an ecosystem where its fundamental process coexist together in a Triskele around its main values & purpose.

The 4 Key Components of an Ecosystem...

Water Cycle

Our Values & Purpose Is The Centre To All, As They Flow Through All Aspects Of Our Being

NutRient Cycle

How We Choose To Nourish Ourselves Through Our Food, Mindfulness & Recovery

Energy Flow

How We Create A Mindful Movement Practice & A Deeper Connection Within Our Environments

The Community

How We Care For Ourselves, Our Relationships & Create A Work:Life Balance

How We Can Create Change Together...

 Located in Perth WA

  • Functional/Ergonimic Analysis
  • Wellness Programs
  • Movement Classes
  • Ongoing Support


  • Movement & Lifestyle Coaching
  • Movement Classes
  • Ergonomic Retraining Classes
  • Support Programs

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  • Mental & Emotional Health
  • Nature Immersions
  • Team Bonding
  • 1/2 Day & Multiple Day
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