The Wholesome Mover

The Wholesome Mover is an Exclusive Educational Movement Membership where you can reconnect with yourself and navigate your physical & emotional health through breath & movement.

By slowing down and nourishing your body, mind and soul, you will re-learn the joys of simplicity around movement and gain a deeper awareness of Why We Move

… You want to learn how to connect deeper with your physical body to help manage stress & anxiety.

… You want to train in a more wholesome way that nourishes your body & mind in a sustainable way.

… You want to learn how to bring in more breathwork & mindfulness into your daily practice to help you remain more centered and focused


More Than Live Streaming Classes

The Wholesome Mover is more than just your regular Live streaming classes. Each month we will dive deep into a specific topic as the “Theme of the Month” where you will learn how to make changes to your everyday life that will help the way you move & feel. 

With our Live Masterclasses you will have an opportunity to have your questions answered and will recieve direct coaching to help with your specific needs. 

Why the wholesome Mover ?

Coming from a Sports & Exercise Rehabilitation background (Sports Physio/Strength & Conditioning Coach) I have over 12 years working in the health & wellness industry. 

After sustaining some severe injuries while still studying, regular physio & training was not helping me so I decided to use my body as an experiment and started to dive deep into learning about the body in a wholesome/holistic model. 

Over the past 12 years, I have guided 1000’s of clients to reconnect with their bodies through a more mindful and wholesome method and have carved out my own unique way of teaching and educating…. and I am so excited to be able to share this with you through The Wholesome Mover Membership.

Each month there is a new “Theme of the Month”, with an abundance of resources to guide you through my process of educating you on how to reconnect deeper with your physical, mental & emotional body through movement, breathwork & awareness practices.

By becoming a Wholesome Mover, you will;

🔥 Become more connected and in-tune with your body so you are empowered within your physical practice

🔥 Connect with your breath and learn how to manage your stress and anxiety through embodiment practices

🔥 Create a daily & weekly Movement Practice that will nourish your body, mind & soul

🔥 Begin to understand your own restrictions and learn how to self-manage your body so you can be proactive rather than reactive when it comes to pain or injuries

🔥 Be part of an amazing community of like-minded individuals to support you along your own journey


Let's Create REAL, Lasting Change

By stepping out of your comfort zone and doing something new for you, you will not only gain more clarity for yourself, but this will have a ripple effect to all aspects of your life & those around you.

Who Am I?

Hey there, my name is Fin.

I am a father to two beautiful girls and I am a Movement & Lifestyle Coach based in Perth, WA.

My Vision is to guide Awakening Souls to tap into their bodies and reconnect with their innate wisdom through Movement, Breathwork, Self-Inquiry, & Natural Living Principles.

In 2009 I started working as a Sports Therapist & Movement Coach, however over the past decade I  have learned to use my body as a guide, continued to develop my skills, improve my knowledge and EXPLORE my potential; working out all aspects of movement, bodyweight strength training, nutrition, lifestyle, spirituality and overall well-being.

Personally, I am on a never-ending journey working with the human body and am always a student of life.  I am very excited to see where this journey brings me and the people that I can empower along the way.

Soon after the birth of our first daughter, I hit a wall in life and was struggling with my Mental Health due to not priortising my own wellness over my families & my clients. This took me on a dark journey of discovery and over the next few years I reconnected with my innate wisdom and began cultivating the life I knew I deserved.

I bring all that I have learned through this program to help you do the same. 

Peace & Love x

Fin McKenna-Fox

This membership is for you if you are ready to connect deeper with your body and relearn how to move as we were designed. It is for all levels, all it requires is a willingness to explore, move & play…

Each Theme of the Month will be taught as follows:

☑️ Recorded Follow-along Daily Movement Routine 

☑️ 45min Weekly Live Primal Move n’ Flow Class

☑️ 45min Weekly Live Move n’ Flow Class

☑️ 1 x Breathing Practice/Week

☑️ 2 x Live Masterclasses/Month

☑️ Exclusive Community to Support You & Hold You Accountable

☑️ Mindfulness, Breathwork & Embodiment Practices

☑️ Guest Expert Calls & Lectures, and more…

What clients say?

Don’t just hear it from me… listen to what some of my clients have been saying about the work we do together;

“I woke up a few days ago and asked for a miracle for my back. Later that arvo I chatted with a friend who mentioned your group and how you've done videos that could help. I've done your video a few times and I'm amazed at how much better my back/ quads/ hips feel. Amazing ... Thanks for my mini miracle. I'd be very interested to see any other videos in the future”
" Fin has literally reprogrammed the way my joints interact and the changes actually stick. I have more energy, I feel less inflamed, I am holding onto less water because my joints are stacking up the way they should and I am still training daily with more load and better movement quality. "
“Earlier this year I decided to pursue a long time and dream of returning to martial arts. Given I am now 55 with it being 36 years since I had practised martial arts my dream was a big ask to say the least...Now only a few months after first seeing Fin I am back at martial arts. Although it took effort on my part I know in my heart it would never have happened without the skill set and foresight of this master of body movement”
“Working with Fin is unlike any of the Physiotherapists and Chiropractors I had seen previously. For close to 2 years I had suffered from a locked pelvis and severe pain in my hips… I am stronger now than I was pre-injury, but the best thing about working with Fin is that he teaches simple, effective, cool movements that can be done anytime, anywhere, and for a lifetime free from pain ”
“The way that Fin teaches amazes me every week, this has helped me in being able to listen to my body and change the way I move.”​
“While working with Fin, I have developed an awareness of my body’s capabilities, flexibility and strength. All these areas have improved greatly and give me more appreciation for my training. Every day has movement in it for me and this has helped me feel less pain, have better posture and body awareness.”

Are you ready to become A Wholesome Mover?

Per week

$ 30 Weekly

Per Month

$ 97 Monthly

If you are ready to reconnect with your body and learn how to move better, then I am here to support you.

If you feel like you are really connecting with this and you WANT it for yourself but still have some reservations, please reach out and let’s chat more about the program and any resistance that you may be feeling. 

I am here to guide & support you 

Frequently Asked Questions

Fin can work in a number of ways to help create change within yourself.

Through his Movement & Lifestyle Coaching Fin looks at how your body is holding itself back from previous trauma & is living within a comfort zone. By teaching your body to become more confident and move with freedom and ease, your body will begin to unravel itself and become aligned through natural movement.

When we also start to look at the bigger picture of your health and well-being, we can start to create lasting change through your environment, your nutrition & lifestyle habits & your connection to self. 

This membership will be conducted via a Private Facebook group and Zoom. Inside the group we will connect via a community who share their experiences, support eachother,  and celebrate their wins together. 

Some breathwork sessions & teachings will run via Facebook Lives whereas the weekly classes & masterclasses will run via Zoom (recordings will be shared to the group after incase you missed out on the live teachings).

Each month we will select a different theme to focus and teach on. This will help you gain more clarity and direction as a participant to progress your movement within a specfic area. 

That is totally fine as this is set to meet all standards and abilities. The daily practices in this program are created to meet you where you are at and all components can be tailored to suit your specific needs.

As Fin comes from a Sports & Exercise Rehabilitation Therapist background, he can easily direct you around your injuries to ensure you get the most from your participation. If you have any questions or if your injuries change over time, please tell Fin so he is aware of this and can provide more direction for you. Through the teachings, you will learn how to create your own Daily Movement Practice and will begin to feel more confident within your own ability throughout the program.

If you find that it is not working for you, reach out and talk directly with Fin and you can work out a plan of action and/or arrange to end your membership.

No worries at all, just reach out to Fin on and I would be delighted to answer any questions you still have 🙂


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