The Wholesome Model

An 8 week in-depth program to guide you through a process of tapping into your true self, gaining clarity on your values and entrusting wisdom in YOU to create the life you want!

Create a Fluid Movement Practice, Understand your Values & Triggers, Incorporate Natural Living Principles, Breathwork, Nutrition Principles, Habit Formation, and Much More…


If you feel like you are just getting by in life rather than owning your life then please keep reading…

I bet that you are in a similar place as to where I was just a year ago?

 – You have goals you want to achieve but never get round to starting them!

 – You start making some progress with your health, movement & nutrition then self sabotage kicks in and you fall back into your old habits!

 – You want to show up the best for yourself and your family but are overwhelmed with where to start!

I know what it feels like as I have been down this very same path not so long ago. However, things changed for me when I started to really tune into my inner guidance, choose to live in alignment with my values, and priortise my own self first so I actually had enough to give to those around me. 

We all know the saying, “You can’t pour from an empty cup”, so let’s start filling yours.

Say YES to Real, Lasting Change

Say yes to stepping into your truth, to understanding who you really are, what your values are, what your triggers are and how to break through the barriers that have been holding you back from living in your own truth.

The Wholesome Model is an 8 week, highly-interactive Movement & Lifestyle Coaching experience for individuals who want to really honour themselves and tap into their innate wisdom…

It is for individuals like you who are seeking to show up better for themselves, their families, & their careers…

Once you are truly connected to who you are, are deeply connected with your values, & open up your awareness of what is holding you back from your truth, then anything is possible…

This program is designed to give you a rock solid foundation to connect in with daily, so you can show up in your truth, connect deeper with your true self, & deal with the stressors that life throws at you…

You will learn to cultivate daily practices in movement & breathwork to nourish your body & mind. You will become hyper-aware of your triggers and how to take a proactive approach to your stressors, rather than reactive. And you will construct a solid toolbox of Wholesome  & Sustainable practices to bring into all areas of you & your families lives… 


Movement Ptactice

Learn how to gain awareness of your body through mindful movement practices & strength training.



Connect deeper with yourself with guided breathwork sessions to both upregulate & downregulate your nervous system.


Habit Formation

Become aware of your values & learn how to live your life in alignment with your true essence.


Nutritional Principles

This is not a diet approach, learn how to connect with your nutrition and eat in accordance with your unique self.


Natural Livings

Become aware of the environmental factors that are having effect on your health & vitality.


Stress Reduction

Understand your triggers and how to build up a repertoire of tools to combat stress in everyday life.


Lets Create REAL, Lasting Change

By stepping out of your comfort zone and doing something new for you, you will not only gain more clarity for yourself, but this will have a ripple effect to all aspects of your life & those around you.

Who Am I?

Hey there, my name is Fin.

I am a father to two beautiful girls and I am a Movement & Lifestyle Coach based in Perth, WA.

My Vision is to see people coming back to their true essence by re-connecting with self and immersing in nature.

I guide others to tune into their bodies and reconnect with their innate wisdom through Movement,  Breathwork & Natural Living Practices.

In 2009 I started working as a Sports Therapist & Movement Coach, however over the past decade I  have learned to use my body as a guide, continued to develop my skills, improve my knowledge and EXPLORE my potential; working out all aspects of movement, bodyweight strength training, nutrition, lifestyle, spirituality and overall well-being.

Personally, I am on a never-ending journey working with the human body and am always a student of life.  I am very excited to see where this journey brings me and the people that I can empower along the way.

Soon after the birth of our first daughter, I hit a wall in life and was struggling with my Mental Health due to not priortising my own wellness over my families & my clients. This took me on a dark journey of discovery and over the next few years I reconnected with my innate wisdom and began cultivating the life I knew I deserved.

I bring all that I have learned through this program to help you do the same. 

Peace & Love x

Fin McKenna-Fox

Weekly Flow of The Wholesome Model

This is an in-person program base in Perth, WA where you can choose to work with me on a one-on-one basis or you can choose to link arms with a friend and break through your barriers together. The program consists of 2 x 45 min sessions/week over 8 weeks (partner programs will include some one-to-one sessions as well as partner sessions throughout the 8 weeks).

Week 1 - Intro to The Wholesome Model

  • Coaching Session to really connect deep with where you are at so we can ensure that you can get the most from the program as well as begin to dive into your values
  • Intro to Bodyweight Movement Session

Week 2 – 21 Day Challenge

  • Coaching Session on the 21 Day Challenge, Expanding on your values & how to use this practice as well as Intro to the Nutrition & Lifestyle 7 day assessment
  • Daily Movement Practice (follow along video’s for a 15 min routine)
  • Breathwork Practice (with guidance)
  • Cold Shower Exposure

Week 3 – Understanding Your Triggers & Ground Living

  • Coaching Session on expanding your awareness of your triggers and how to utilise these as a benefit to you
  • Ground living and ways to incorporate movement into your daily life
  • Follow along Bodyweight Strength Program to complete at home

Week 4 – Nutrition & Lifestyle Session

  • Coaching Session on Nutrition & Lifestyle education with live Q&A
  • Take home Nutritional Principles (& recipes) for a more mindful approach to eating
  • Lifestyle Principles to create lasting change and reduce stress in your life
  •  Movement Strength Session

Week 5 – Breathe Week

  • This is a softer week to allow yourself to catch up and have a breather after all the amazing changes that you have been implementing
  • Coaching Sessions will include different aspects of movement along with Q&A to recap on any areas that need assistance as well as expand on other Natural Living Principles & breathwork

Week 6 – Tech Free Time

  • Coaching Session on looking at our technology habits and how to create a more meaning relationship with technology & yourself
  • Follow along Bodyweight Strength Program upgrade to complete at home

Week 7 – Mental Resilience & Toughness

  • Move – Breathe – Freeze session to break through any mental barriers and tap into your inner warrior

  • Movement Strength Session

Week 8 – Integration Week

  • Q&A Coaching Session to answer any questions that you may have on how to continue integrating what you have learned into your everyday life

  • Movement Session for ongoing success

What clients say?

We all grow, by supporting each other’s journey…

"I am a happier and better me. I feel I'm on my way to living my best life, not just surviving day to day. I've gained a clearer understanding and focus on what's important to me. I'm more in tune with myself which has made an amazing difference to my mood, energy levels and perspective. Being a spouse and parent this has also benefited my family in so many ways! I came into Fin's program looking mainly to improve my mindful movement practise. I have certainly made progress in this but have also gained so much more in terms of lifestyle, mindset and overall wellbeing. I'm starting to look forward now and have already achieved some goals I've had for years.."
Mum of Two
"I'm just short of half way through the program and am amazed with the difference it has made in such a short time, both physically and mentally. Fin treats your body and mind as a whole rather than distinct entities. It's challenging and sometimes confronting but real change doesn't come from a place of comfort. It's like learning a new language for your body and mind and breaking through old patterns of movement and thought. I'm genuinely excited about what the next 6+ weeks will bring."
Bar Manager
As a mother of two boys I felt my life had become repetitive with no focus, meaning or purpose. I knew my role as a mother but I lost my way as an individual and as a partner. Fins program has given me the tools to firstly make time for myself to learn about myself, learn about my body and its capabilities, be honest with my feelings, be present in each moment and day and live each day within your values. The list goes on. My body is opening up after years of bad posture and loss of flexibility. Each movement session awakens the smallest of muscles and leaves me feeling stronger.
Mother of two

This sounds pretty epic, am I right? 

If you feel like you are really connecting with this and you WANT it for yourself but still have some reservations, please reach out to book in a FREE call so we can chat more about the program and any resistance that you may be feeling. 

I am here to guide & support you

You can recieve 8 weeks of constant guidance & support for less than the cost of a PT session/week. 

All of this weekly content, LIVE coaching sessions & individualised support can be yours for only $599 with payment plans available. 

1-on-1 Program

$ 250 Weekly
  • 16 x 45min. Sessions
  • Daily Movement Practice
  • Find Your Values
  • Understand Your Triggers
  • Release Your Clutches
  • Bodyweight Strength Training
  • Strength & Conditioning Sessions
  • Mobity & Flexibility Training
  • Breathwork Practice
  • Stress Reduction Tips
  • Nutritional Principles
  • Natural Living Principles
  • Ice Bath Breakthrough
  • 24/7 Guidance & Support
  • BONUS Nutrition & Lifestyle e-Book
  • BONUS Primal Play Online Course
  • BONUS Floor Living Online Course

Partner Program

$ 195 pp/Weekly
  • 12 x 45min. Partner Sessions
  • 4 x 45min. Individual Sessions
  • Daily Movement Practice
  • Find Your Values
  • Understand Your Triggers
  • Release Your Clutches
  • Bodyweight Strength Training
  • Strength & Conditioning Sessions
  • Mobity & Flexibility Training
  • Breathwork Practice
  • Stress Reduction Tips
  • Nutritional Principles
  • Natural Living Principles
  • Ice Bath Breakthrough
  • 24/7 Guidance & Support
  • BONUS Nutrition & Lifestyle e-Book
  • BONUS Primal Play Online Course
  • BONUS Floor Living Online Course

Frequently Asked Questions

Fin can work in a number of ways to help create change within yourself.

Through his Movement & Lifestyle Coaching Fin looks at how your body is holding itself back from previous trauma & is living within a comfort zone. By teaching your body to become more confident and move with freedom and ease, your body will begin to unravel itself and become aligned through natural movement.

When we also start to look at the bigger picture of your health and well-being, we can start to create lasting change through your environment, your nutrition & lifestyle habits & your connection to self. 

After dedicating over a decade learning & exploring all aspects of health, wellness, movement & personal development Fin has collected all of his experiences together in a unique model where he follows the laws of nature and teaches others how to reconnect with our inbuild human wisdom.

Fin works out of Aspire Group Osborne Park & Mullaloo so the program is ran from both venues. Each session is tailored towards your individual needs while working through the weekly curriculum. There will be a combination of movement sessions & talking/coaching sessions (or a mix of both in the same session depending on what is coming up for you on the day). There will also be a private facebook group to keep the communication channels open and allow the easy transfer of homework, notes, videos & LIVE videos for deeper exploration throughout the program.

  • Each week we will be covering a new topic where it will be introduced at the start of the week via a combination of in-person, LIVE video & written content. There will also be specific tasks to complete throughout the weeks along with LIVE check in’s & Q&A sessions. 

Movement is only one portion of this program that we will focus on. The daily practices in this program are created to meet you where you are at and all components can be tailored to suit your specific needs.

Throughout the 8 weeks we will work with your body to help you gain a better understanding of your ability & restrictions, and help you get stronger, fitter and move pain free. 

As Fin comes from a Sports & Exercise Rehabilitation Therapist and still treats clients, there is options to trade movement sessions for treatment sessions where needed to ensure you gain the most from your program. Your own Daily MOvement Practice will be created to suit where you are at and Fin will ensure you are feeling confident within your own ability throughout the program.

To be honest, this is not for everyone. I am looking to work with only 8 individuals through the program so to ensure that we are well aligned you can book in a FREE coaching call where we can talk more into what the program has to offer and if it will suit you.

Message me to lock in a call

PS. This program does needs action from you to ensure you get the most from it!

You can recieve 8 weeks of constant guidance & support for less than the cost of a PT session/week. 

All of this weekly content, LIVE coaching sessions & individualised support can be yours for only $599 with payment plans available.For an individual program it costs $250/week or for a partner program it costs $195pp/week. 

Please check out the table breakdown for a summary of all that you will receive. 

No worries at all, just reach out to me on and let’s book in a FREE call to answer any questions you still have 🙂

Reconnect With Your True Self

Thank you for entrusting me to bring you on this journey. 

I am forever grateful for the opportunity to share my experience, knowledge & wisdom with others to help create REAL, lasting changes.

My Wholesome & Sustainable Model of Being is created to help ensure that our future is bright for all to enjoy.


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