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Why Foam Rolling and Stretching is Not Enough

Too many people think that it is enough to just hop on a foam roller/massage ball and put their body through lots of pain & stress releasing out the tightness in their muscles. However, we need to look at WHY these muscles were tight in the first place.

If we neglect this part, then our body will just revert back to creating more tension & trigger points after we have put ourself through a “great” soft tissue beat up session. Then guess what, we start back at the start the next time we hop back on the roller or ball.

Instead of just smashing ourselves every time, lets look at ways to make a conscious change to the way our body moves and functions.

In todays blog I am talking you through the principles that I use in order to elicit change within my body and my clients. By working this way, we don’t have to waste time adding more stress to our body releasing knots in the muscles. We start to make bigger changes to the overall way of how we move, thus allowing our entire nervous system to create new pathways & movement patterns around this.

The four stages are:


—tension but focusing on the fascial attachment points.


–the joints above & below that have an affect on the entire area.


–the muscles in a 3-dimensional way to correct the timing of muscles.


–with motion & movement patterns. “Walking Is The Best Medicine”

When we follow these principles, we not only release out the tight structures, but we wake up the nervous system and help reprogram our motor patterns through our entire body.Check out the attached video for a basic run through of how you would follow these principles for back, hip, or knee issues.

Check out this follow-along video where you can follow the simple process while releasing through your Lateral Line (&ITB).

If you have any questions on what was covered today please don’t hesitate to ask. Otherwise, stay tuned for more to come.


Yours in Health & Happiness

Fin McKenna

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Fin McKenna-Fox

Fin McKenna-Fox

Movement & Lifestyle Coach

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