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30 Life Lessons Before I Turn 30

As I sit here on the last evening of my 20’s I am feeling very blessed and honoured of the journey that I have been on. It has not been a smooth ride but where would the fun be if it was?

Over this past 29 years I have learned so much about myself and life in general, I love observing others, observing nature and working out where we all sit in this amazing world. I feel that I have grown so much in this time and am so excited for what it yet to come. My 20’s feel like a bridge between the old and new and as I am on the cusp of 30, I am ready to embrace and embody the full me.

    1. Put yourself first!
    2. Question EVERYTHING
    3. Kick-off your shoes and walk barefoot as much as possible
    4. Stop listening to that fu#king voice in your head that pull’s you back
    5. Be honest with yourself, nobody likes a bull-shitter so why is it ok to BS yourself?
    6. Pick up litter if you see it, don’t expect others to do it for you
    7. Smile and say hello to strangers
    8. LISTEN when people are talking
    9. Put down your phone more often and just be present
    10. Move your body every moment you can, it doesn’t have to be exercise, just MOVEment
    11. BREATH, connect with your breath, explore your breath, respect your breath & meditate
    12. Stop and look at the simple things in life; a bird swooping through the air, the trees blowing in the wind, ants walking along the path
    13. Get out in nature more often
    14. Get the hell out of your comfort zone more often, nothing can ever grow there
    15. Work on yourself daily-and I mean do the hard work, ask the hard fu#king questions, face up to your BS stories and put in the effort!
    16. Ask for help when needed
    17. Put your ego aside
    18. Work with integrity with all that you do
    19. If it doesn’t feel right, it’s not right… listen to your gut/follow your instincts
    20. Listen to music more often and dance
    21. Have faith and belief in yourself more, if you believed in yourself half as much as those around you did, how different could your life be?
    22. Respect Mother Earth, and every living creature on it
    23. Observe children and the beauty in their innocence; learn how you can implement more of this into your own life
    24. Follow your passion, and if you have a whole heap of BS stories in your head as to why you can’t just yet, who are you really kidding?
    25. Money isn’t everything but it is still a necessity, learn how to have a healthy relationship with it and understand its energy exchange
    26. Respect your elders and learn from them
    27. Open/hold the door for others
    28. Tell the people you love that you love them more often
    29. Look at yourself in the mirror as much as you can and don’t look away until you can feel the love looking back at you
    30. Honor the life you have, life it with love, connection, integrity, wonder and joy!

Ps. One last one for good measure: DON’T regret your mistakes because they were never mistakes. They were the choices that you had to make at a specific time to direct you to where you are right now… Just learn from the experience 🙂


 Peace & Love,

Fin McKenna 

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Fin McKenna-Fox

Fin McKenna-Fox

Movement & Lifestyle Coach

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