Movement & Lifestyle Coaching

The Wholesome Model of Being

An in-depth 6 month program to create a healthy relationship with self and entrusting wisdom in YOU to create the life you want!

Create Certainty in Self

An 8 week men’s immersion that grounds you into your authentic self and provide you with the tools necessary to deal with any stresses or uncertainty that you face.

Events & Workshops

A Variety of Courses, Workshops & Retreats Bringing You Back to Yourself Through Nature & Play

The Wholesome Model Of Being

An in-depth 6 month program to guide you through a process of  creating a healthy relationship with self and entrusting wisdom in YOU to create the life you want!

Create a Fluid Movement Practice, Understand Your Values & Triggers, Incorporate Natural Living Principles, Breathwork, Nutrition Principles, Habit Formation, and Much More…

Fin McKenna-Fox
Movement & Lifestyle Coach

Hey there,
My name is Fin and I guide Awakening Souls to connect deepey with themselves and create a healthy relationship with all parts of their being.
Through my process, I will guide you to deepen your relationship with self and entrust you to create REAL, lasting changes in all areas of your life…
My Vision is to guide others to tap into their bodies and reconnect with their innate wisdom through Movement, Breathwork, Self-Inquiry, & Natural Living Practices.

Check out some of my principles via my Journal

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