Sitting Is The New Smoking.

I know that in todays society we can’t get away from the fact that we have to sit more hours than our body desires.
We all know that sitting is definitely not optimal for our overall health and wellness…

Don’t we?

Then why do so many of us choose to sit in bad postures when we don’t have to!? If you HAVE to sit on your commute to work or while at work, then why do you choose to sit when you get home?

To give a little something back to your body, I will be sharing a number of sitting alternatives that you can start playing with in your down time. These movements can be used while on the computer or phone, if watching TV, or playing with your kids.

If you don’t have to sit, pease choose not to. However, if you are sitting, please gift your body with different stimuli to grow and develop.

“We’ve become so sedentary that 30 minutes a day at the gym may not counteract the detrimental effects of 8, 9 or 10 hours of sitting.”
~ Genevieve Healy, PhD

Spend some time playing with the following moves to help Tune Up Your Sitting and nourish your body with quality movements (there is a breakdown of the key teaching points in comments of each video).

90/90 Stretch

Hurdle Stretch


Straddle Sit

Crossed Leg Sit

Couch Stretch

Frog Sit

Hunter Squat

Squat Sit

Sphynx Pose

Ankle Plantarflexion

Toe Extension

Shoulder Opener

  • Explore the movement yourself.
  • Play with positioning.
  • Don’t work through pain!
  • LISTEN to your body!
  • Any questions, just ask 😀

Yours in Health & Happiness

Fin McKenna-Fox

Movement Therapist