One of the big lessons that I learnt very early on in my career as a Movement Therapist was that I am dealing with a lot more than just physical issues with my clients. I was dealing with mental & emotions issues just as much (if not more) with everyone that walked through my door. Every movement therapist, coach or PT is the exact same, so the more you learn how to work with these issues, the better care you can provide for your clients.

When people come to me with their injuries or restrictions, they also come in with a lot of pent up shit that they have been holding onto for quite some time. Sadly, its only too often that they just require someone outside of their usual circle to vent to, to listen to, and to offer them some words of encouragement or a kick up the ass.

When I started off, I was amazed at how much of this “head work” I was doing and I know for a fact it was what made me different from most therapists as I am always open to listening and have been told numerous times I am wise beyond my years J

As I have been on my own journey of sorting through that “shit” inside my own head, I have met some amazing people who have helped me carved out my life to where I am now. I am so grateful for all the advice I have received over the years and love passing it on to help others who need it.

Below is some amazing tools that I have found to help many, and I hope they come to serve you too at some stage in your life.

  • Life is energy so be aware of where you are loosing your own energy and make a conscious effort to take control of these areas
  • Look for quick and low energy ways to pick you up when feeling low. Creating a playlist of your FAVOURITE songs is great and this can be used to change your mood & energy in an instant. Other things like giving you time in the gym, going for a walk in nature and going barefoot to connect to mother earth, going for a swim in the ocean, or watching the sunset.
  • Listen to your favourite songs in the morning so you start off the day right. You may wish to create a morning ritual around this. I personally listen to Xavier Rudd, Follow The Sun ( with my feet in the dirt & a coffee in hand most mornings to ground myself and be grateful for what I have.
  • Get off social media as much as possible, set yourself rules around your usage and stick to them
  • You need to make sure to remember that there are 2 great people in any relationship, look after your own feelings as much as others.
  • Be honest with yourself and ask yourself what you really want. Go with your gut feelings/intuition/generally the first immediate thought before your brain kicks in and tries to talk yourself around the idea
  • Journal! Write down your thoughts and feelings before they get on top of you and you spend countless hours overthinking the silliest of things. Don’t think about what you want to write, just put pen to paper and allow whatever to come up that needs to come up. The less you think about what you want to write the deeper & clearer you will get.
  • Mirror work. Sit in front of a mirror and look directly into your eyes. Breathe into your tummy & sit with yourself. Feel into what comes up and just be in the moment with yourself. Even ask yourself questions and have an open and honest conversation with yourself
  • Express & Release! Kick the crap out of a pillow, scream into a pillow, just let your emotions out in a controlled environment and get rid of whatever you are holding onto. If you think you have no anger, there is always some hidden there (I burst a pillow the first time I did this and I thought that I had no anger in me, I just had it surpassed so much I didn’t feel it).
  • Move your body. You don’t have to count going to the gym as your only movement; dance to your favourite songs, roll about on the floor with your loved ones, play in trees and parks like you were a kid again. Just move your body in any shape or form that you desire.
  • Talk to people rather than bottling things up inside. This is a massive one for me and many others. We become fearful of what we hold onto and create these massive fabricated (& usually total bullshit) stories in our heads around certain areas of life. Open up, allow yourself to be vulnerable and connect with the people around you.

Overall, my biggest take home is to Surrender to the Process! You are living your life, no one else is… and you should want to be the best version of yourself every single day.

Life is a rollercoaster, there will always be up’s and down’s along the way. It is how you learn to manage them that counts…

Peace ‘n Love