Are You Training Around Old Injuries & Niggles?

Have You Been Training Hard, But The Results Are Not Matching Your Effort

Do You Feel Stuck With Certain Movements & Are Getting Frustrated Looking For The Answers?

As a Movement Therapist, I combine my Honours Degree in Sports & Exercise Rehabilitation wit Anatomy in Motion, Movement Exploration, Energetic Healing & Mindfulness. I provide clients with tailored practical, physical and emotional tools to empower them to Unlock Their True Potential.

In your initial consultation with Fin you will be asked about your presenting conditions as well as looking deeper into your history. You will then undergo a specific assessment that will look at your posture, gait & movement patterns where Fin will map out your body identifying where you are out of alignment. You will receive a unique combination of hands on therapy along with movement exploration exercises that will start the healing process and begin unlocking your restrictions. To finish your first session, you will be given 2-3 exercises to do as homework and start you on your journey.

Depending on the findings from your initial consultation, you will be recommended more hands-on healing and/or movement to clear your blockages and help you become aligned within yourself. Fin uses a unique combination of therapies ranging from Anatomy in Motion, Emmett Technique, Alpha Alignment, Muscle Release Techniques & more to provide you with the treatment that your body is asking for whilst empowering you & your body to heal itself. All treatments are locked in with specific exercises that nourish your body with optimal movement patterns, reprogramming your nervous system.

Movement & Rehabilitation will be introduced into your program from the very start to re-teach your body how to work in sync with itself and expand its comfort zone. This will include a mix between 3-Dimensional Movement Patterning, Self-care Mobility Exercises, Fascial Sling Training, Movement Integration, Breath Work, & Meditation Practice. Using this unique combination of movement & strength based exercises, you will learn how to move more freely and connect with your body so you can Unlock Your True Potential.

The Complete Body Map

In this 1.5 hour session, we will assess your posture, gait, and movement patterns to map out your body and identify where and why you are experiencing your pains/restrictions. From here, we will then use a combination of hands on treatment techniques as well as prescribe you specific movement exploration exercises to start working through at home.

You will also receive a follow up email on what was covered along with video’s & detailed description’s of your take home movements.

After Your Mapping Session, The Areas We Can Start Working Through Are:

After Your Complete Body Map, The Next Step Is:

Check Out A Quick Breakdown Of Each:

      • Programs are based on a 4 week cycle working you towards your goals
      • Direct Debit can be set up in the Complete Body Map Session & bookings will be made for the coming 4 weeks to secure your time slots
      • Please ask for more details regarding the Optional Extras

“If We Are Not Aware Of Our Restrictions, Then How Can We Ever Learn How To Overcome Them?”

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