Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity

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Movement Therapy Refers to a Broad Range of Eastern & Western Movement Approaches Used to Promote Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Well-being and will Unlock Your True Potential.

We assess your posture, gait, and movement patterns to map out your entire body and gain a better understanding as to WHY you are experiencing with your limitations.

We use a unique combination of hands on therapy along with movement exploration exercises that start the healing process and begin unlocking your restrictions.

We use a combination of Breathe-work, 3-Dimensional Movements, Self-care Mobility Exercises, and Movement Exploration to re-teach your body to work in sync with itself.

Massage Therapy now available at Complete Body Approach. Contact us to book your appointment.

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30 Life Lessons Before I Turn 30

As I sit here on the last evening of my 20’s I am feeling very blessed and honoured of the journey that I have been on. It has not been a smooth ride but where would the fun be if it was? Over this past 29 years I have learned so much about myself and life in general,...

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The Bliss Of Barefoot

If you know me at all you know that I don’t like wearing shoes very much but what you don’t know is how this transition came about and WHY I do it? (and No, it’s not to look like a homeless hippy living off the land 🙂 ) My barefoot journey began after I was working in...

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The Missing Link-Our Feet

Our feet are incredibly important and were designed to be mobile adaptors to the environment around us. With 26 bones and 33 joints in each foot, our feet are the most overlooked body part when it comes to any injury in the body, this is why we need to change how we...

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